Log Cabin Siding

Log cabin siding is exactly what it says it is, siding that can transform the look of your home to one that is in the style of a log cabin. Rather than whole logs or ones split in half it uses thin segments of logs positioned as siding on your home to give you protection against the weather and elements, the bugs and offering a wonderful earthy, rustic feel. If you have always liked the homely appearance of log cabins you can now bring that to your home. But which way should we go, to those who work with log home siding or those who work with log constructions like cabins and homes using whole logs? Let’s take a look.

What The Builders Are Saying About Log Cabin Siding

log-cabin-sidingThose makers of log homes who use solid logs feel that log cabin siding is not durable, will need a lot of maintenance and attention and so therefore cannot compare to the real thing. Those who make log cabin siding say this is not the case, especially if you choose a wood like cedar. They also argue that log cabin siding does not shrink or rot over time leading to large gaps between logs that happens with real logs. Often people have to fill in the gaps with mortar as the contraction and expansion can actually cause gaps of anything up to five inches!

Those who build log homes would say that these gaps would only happen if the building or materials used in construction are subpar. There would be no rooting, insect problems or expansion and shrinking whatever the weather if certain cedar logs are used and the builders know what they are doing. There are great cabin kits and cabins made from pre-seasoned logs, that are pre-shaped and pre-cut that do not have that problem. But then the same could be said for log cabin siding made from such materials.

Builders of whole log cabins stress that it is really poor construction that can lead to those gaps and if you make sure you build it properly this will prevent any such problem. However they say that just using siding alone there is no construction behind it rather than just affixing the siding to the outer house.

There is no doubt that a proper log home is beautiful and has it place. In the right setting, with nature around it there is a great sense of belonging, of home and of appreciation for the beauty around you. But if building a log cabin from a pre-cut log home kit is not something you want to do, or can do, or is just not the right thing for where your home is, the log cabin siding is still a great way to get some of that ambiance.

vinyl log cabin siding


Log cabin siding is not hard to work with and is not hard to make either. Usually the two woods used are cedar or pine and it can be treated with kiln drying then use borate to seal it. This will help to prevent insect issues and give UV protection. Some siding can come with full log ends so you can get a more rustic look by crossing at the corners. Look for companies that offer this option if you are interested and do some research to find out more.

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