Girls Bedroom Decor

Decorating a bedroom in your house? When you are decorating a room for someone, the first thing you need to have is an idea on what kind of themes they will like. We found many of our favorites at Stonehand and while we are all individuals with our own needs and likes, there are certain design themes or ideas for decorating a girl’s bedroom that are popular amongst the girls. If you are looking for ideas for decorating a girl’s bedroom keep in mind that usually a delicate touch is the best approach throughout the décor and furnishings. This will have a much better end result.

Other things to keep in mind whatever your design theme is to make sure there is still storage space. Have furniture perhaps that doubles as a storage box where things like stuffed animals can be stored. There can never be too much storage! You can also use the bedding, curtains and even lampshades as places to add extra touches. If the theme is some kind of animal theme, have pictures of animals on these things. You could also have characters on them that this girl likes, for example Disney princesses, Barbie or fairies. Think about Tiffany lampshades to create a certain mood and look. You can also use the ceiling in a creative manner. Create a storyboard using the characters in your theme, or create a night sky, or an ocean.


Here is a Look at Three Popular Ideas for Girls Bedroom Decor

1) Oriental Theme

The oriental look is popular for girls or parents who do not want to use an idea that the girl is likely to grow out of. You can use delicate patterns on things like tapestry and the furnishings to add to this design. Have an oriental styled carpet or add a rug. Think about using fine, dainty almost furniture using patterns like flowers or small leaves. Natural elements work well in this theme but you can have a lovely combination of color still with reds, black, cream and browns and so on.

2) Princess Theme

A very popular theme for young girls and pre-teens is the princess theme especially with the Disney movies featuring princesses and the huge popularity of Frozen as well as other classics like Cinderella or Snow White. You can create a great focus in the room by transforming the bed into a either a castle shape or a four poster with a gauzy canopy.  Use silky coverings and fluffy pillows to create a luxurious feel, you could even get some fun shaped ones.

frozen-bedroom-decorConsider adding murals on the walls of scenes from the land the girl will rule or you could use the princess dresses your daughter has and arrange them on a wall to show case them. Have flowers in the room either fresh or dried. Have a lacy curtain at the windows. While pink is a popular girly color and fits well with the general princess theme, if they want something more specific to Frozen use whites, blues and sea greens even. Or other successful colors include peach, lavender and other soft pastel colors. Do not forget the smaller details too like the pillow cases, the lampshades, the door handle, the kinds of toys and decorative items on display.

You cannot ignore practical needs. Storage can come in the form of a window seat that also has storage or attractive baskets around the room as well as elegant white chest of drawers and a dresser with an ornate mirror. Baskets could be pink or white able to hold her dolls or whatever she wants. You could also use white hat boxes for storing little treasures like jewelery, feathers, tiaras and so on.

3) Marilyn Monroe Theme

This style is something older girls might appreciate as it is girly still but more glamorous and something to consider when they outgrow the fairy or princess stage. Marilyn Monroe was a huge star and is still someone admired today. She had great style and beauty and this translates into a very attractive bedroom. For every Marilyn Monroe bedroom decor, Marilyn’s poster or wall stickers is a must. On the walls you can use wall stickers or markers if it is possible they will want to change their theme soon, or use wall decals if they are likely to keep this theme for longer.

marilyn-monroe-bedroom-decorOn the wall you can use figures of Marilyn Monroe. If you have never used wall decals before take a look online for a guide on how to use them. There is no need to be afraid, there is a first time for everything, once you see the instructions it will be clear what to do. A great idea is to use black and white as a theme. Have a white wall and use a black wall decal to get the movie feel from those days. However if you have color that should look good too. Around the rest of the room you should have elegance using her image as a focus point. If you prefer something less in your face you could have the decal in a corner where you sit and read. Use either memorabilia or items associated with her as decoration. The girl’s bedroom could also have bedding with Marilyn’s image on it. These things are easy to find online.



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